Save time

It takes 20 seconds to send a text. That's 24 hours of continuous texting if you want to check what 4320 of your friends are doing. Up For X shows you who's up for what. Instantly.

Save face

Want to make plans with friends but fear rejection? Eliminate the possibility by not asking them! Instead, loose your intentions out into the world and see what happens, or reach out only to friends who are already up for X.

stir crazy
Save your sanity

With a viral disease taking the world hostage, it's easy to lock yourself inside and fall into a hazy stupor fueled by food delivery and 8 different streaming platforms to toggle amongst as if they were the TV channels of yore. Keep your friendships alive, they're good for you.

Zero compromises

Up For X doesn't have landscape mode so don't hold your phone sideways.

hand holding phone sideways


Since I've been building Up For X I've enjoyed setting my status to test the app. It's kind of delightful. It might even serve a purpose if I can get some users other than myself.

Barış K

Creator, Up For X

I laughed, I cried, I found myself in Up For X. I cannot overstate how life-changing the experience of using this app has been.


(very satisfied) user

It's quite a feat to be able to create something so simple yet which serves a similarly very limited purpose. Every day I'm astounded at how little functionality this app actually provides.


(shortsighted) user


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